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TCS Tech Bytes 2011 Tumkur Regionals was conducted in Birla Auditorium,Tumkur on 7th April,2011. Students from Tumkur, Chikkaballapur, Kolar, Bangalore Rural, Bangalore North & South were participated in this level.I thank Dhanyashree T S for sharing the questions.


1. Which term was coined by Andrew Fluegelman when he wanted to sell a communications program named PC-Talk that he had created but for which he did not wish to use traditional methods of distribution because of their cost? (Options given. software, hardware, freeware)

A. Freeware


2. Reid Hoffman created a professional network for people and is called what?

A. Linkedin


3. Identify this person? (Hint:American businessman best known for running for President of the United States)


(Options given. Larry Ellison, Ross Perot and one more can remember)

A. Ross Perot


4.It was established in April 1946 by Tadao Kashio, an engineer specializing in fabrication technology. In 1957, it released the world's first entirely electric compact calculator. Which company are we talking about?

A. Casio

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Monday, 09 May 2011 22:09

TCS Tech Bytes 2011 Round 1 Questions

1.Founded in New York in 1996, it was acquired by Google Inc. in 1998. It develops and provides Internet ad serving services. Which company?


2.What was started in 1984 for building indigenous supercomputers in India with headquarters in Pune. CDAC or CDOT?
A.Centre for Development of Advanced Computing 


3.Jack Dorsey created this in 2006 as a project within a now-defunct podcasting company called Odeo, which was run by entrepreneur Evan Williams. What in social networking is this?


4.Satyanarayan Gangaram is considered to have been responsible for India’s Telecom revolution. How do we know him better?


5.What is the name given to a region of memory that is used to temporarily hold data while it is being moved from one place to another. Buffer of Cache?

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Monday, 27 December 2010 22:52

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Prelims Questions

Here i am sharing the PDF format of TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions of all the Regions.



P.S:For some reasons i disabled Download feature in slideshare But,If you want the PDF file of TCS IT WIZ prelims questions,Please mail me at mail@ivittal.in by mentioning "TCS IT WIZ PRELIMS" in the Subject field.

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Tuesday, 03 August 2010 12:09

List of Origins of IT Companies

Here is a list of IT company names with their Origins explained. Read this everyday which will defnitely helps you in time of IT Quizzing.


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Tuesday, 03 August 2010 11:27

List of CEO's of IT Companies

Here is a list of present chief executive officers[CEO] of IT Companies.Kindly,go through their photos For Visual Questions of TCS IT Wiz..


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Sunday, 04 July 2010 18:24

About Wiki Reader

WikiReader is a project to deliver an offline, text-only version of Wikipedia on a mobile device.The project is sponsored by Openmoko  and its source code has been released.

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Finally A Major Quizzing Regional Finals comes to Mangalore. With the TATA Crucible, Manipal Edition earlier this year Major Quizzing entered into the Coastal Karnataka Districts. The Prelims of The TCS TECH BYTES IT QUIZ, Mangalore finals had a lot of easy questions and people who had read Raveesh Mayya’s blITz, the IT quiz book could have easily qualified to the finals. However the One team per college rule had us fighting against ourself in order to be on stage. so Here are the Prelims.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010 21:58

IT Quiz : List of Intel Codenames

Here is a list of codenames of Intel company based on different categories.


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The Board of IT Education Standards (BITES) and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Asia’s largest IT company are organising the first edition of the Engineering IT Quiz – “TCS TechBytes”.


The program is an initiative to help students understand technology better - in the process help them enhance their lateral thinking process and inculcate the spirit to compete and excel.The quiz would serve as an alternative platform to enhance awareness and confidence levels of the aspiring engineers while bringing them in sync with the current developments in the technology domain through an interactive and engaging quiz platform. “TCS TechBytes” strives to provide a better understanding of IT as technology today is an enabler in diverse fields – be it engineering, medicine, law, sports, science, movie, music, government, automobile and telecommunication.

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