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Wednesday, 03 April 2013 19:36

TCS TechBytes 2013 Round 1 Questions

1.Which website name site stands for “iBuild iBond”?
A. ibibo
2.Which company owns the brand “Blackberry”? 
A. Research in Motion
3.What is the full form of TCP?
A. Transmission Control Protocol
4.Ms.Virginia Rometty is the present CEO of which IT giant?
5.Which is the parent company of the online shopping site
A. Amazon
6.Which product was developed at Stanford Research Institute and later incorporated into iPhone 4s? 
A. Siri
7.Which group in India owns Computational Research Laboratories? 
8.What was invented by Herman Hollerith for the 1890 US Census following which he founded the Tabulation Machine Company? 
A. Punch cards
9.Which company invented the Walkman? 
A. Sony
10.What is the Android 4.0 called? 
A. Icecream Sandwich
11.The proprietary Google Search Algorithm is known as the Page Rank system. Who is it named after? 
A. Larry Page
12.“Flyte” is the online music store set up by which company?
A. Flipkart
13.What is the name of the body and trade association of Indian Information Technology headed by Som Mittal as its President?
14.Who now owns IMdB?
A. Amazon
15.What is the term used to describe software that is available to use or download at no cost? 
16.What is the full form of WMAN in networks? 
A. Wireless Metropolitan Area Network
17.Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes founded which online entity? 
A. Facebook
18.Aisha, the voice assistant which stands for Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant is an offering from which company in India?
A. Micromax
19.If Chrome:: Google then Firefox::? 
A. Mozilla
20.Which company created the game Angry Birds? 
A. Rovio

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