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Sunday, 05 August 2012 20:24

TCS Tech Bytes 2012 Gulbarga Prelims Questions

TCS Tech Bytes 2012 Gulbarga Regionals was conducted in Appa Institute of Engineering & Technology on April 16th. I thank Bashiruddin Naik, Champion of Gulbarga regionals for sharing questions wtih us.

1.What do you get by combining these two words "Elements" & "Picture"?


2. E-Commerce Application Service Provider Service that authorizes payments for e-business online retailers & is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal locatedd in most retail outlets.

A. Payment Gateway.

3.What Does M stands for in M-Commerce?


4.Related To Samsung Duos. What do you mean by "DUOS"?

A.Double Sim



A.Apple II

6.Which electronic gaint launched QRadar Security Intelligence Platform to take a chunk of growing Internet Security Market in 2012?


7.Travelstar Z7K500 from Hitachi is Worlds thinnest what?

A.Hard Drive

8.Around 10 years ago, DARPA funded a project for an adaptive data retrieval & data synthesis program that leads to a system called CALO. How do we know this better today.


9.He cofounded Mindtree in August 1999 & Has recently started his new venture.

Ans.Ashok Soota




A.Micheal Dell

11.Gamers have been categorized as E,M,&T what does all these meant.

A.Everyone,Mature & Teenager

12.Fake version of which super selling video game became the second most selling app on iPhone for a week in Feb'12 before it was pulled back by Apple from App Store?


13.Whats common to Strawberry,Lime,Blueberry,Bondiblue,Tangerine&Purple(Grape)?

A. Colours of iMac G3

14.UrsHolzle sent an interal memo warning that his company would be crushed if it didnt figure out its social strategy. He also suggested that new people be recruited to work on it.In response, Project emarald sea was started. What happened eventually?

A.Google Plus

15.Identify this popular game.


A.Angry Birds

16.Which telecom company has launched mobile wallet service titled "Money Transfer"?


17.What does TFT as in TFT LCD's stands for?

A.Thin Film Transistor

18.Prototypes of what optical disc storage medium designed to supersede the DVD format was unveiled at the CEATEC exhibition in OCT'2000 by Sony?

A.Blue-Ray Disc

19.On 5th Oct'2010,google announced availability of what downloadable image recognition application for iPhone devices?

A.Google Goggle

20. It's tagline describes it as "a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language." Identify.



A.XKCD Web Comic


  • Comment Link Basheer Monday, 06 August 2012 15:15 posted by Basheer

    Nicely compiled...!

  • Comment Link yeshwanth Wednesday, 08 August 2012 18:27 posted by yeshwanth

    Awesome compilation.How much was the cutoff?

  • Comment Link shyam Thursday, 23 August 2012 23:03 posted by shyam

    Dudes the ques r tougher than i thought it would be.

  • Comment Link Abhijith Friday, 12 October 2012 21:33 posted by Abhijith

    can u provide kochi prelims qns?
    waiting for that!!
    great job bro!

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