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Saturday, 25 August 2012 14:43

TCS IT WIZ 2012 Coimbatore Prelims Questions

TCS IT WIZ 2012 Coimbatore Edition was conducted in Corporation Kalai Arangam, RS Puram, Coimbatore on 24th August,2012. I thank "Surya Narayanan" and "Shiven Mian" for Sharing the Questions with us.

1.It was also ranked as the No. 1 for customer satisfaction within the first year of its launch with an overall score of over 95%. It have also been adjudged the 'Buzziest Brands of 2009' i.e. the most searched for brands by surfers, in a survey carried out by a leading online portal in India!

A. Virgin Mobile

2.Sanjay Jha is the CEO of ?

A. Motorola

3.Denis Ritche created C and other computer language.Which is the other one?


4.Identify the device


A. Google Glass

5.Who founded NEXT computer corp?

A. Steve Jobs

6.It looks like a dog , but it is a robot.Identify the robot created by Sony ?


7.Identify this person?


A. Phaneesh Murthy

8.Which is the computer language developed by John Backus ?


9.This company makes Digital Piano.Identify

A. Yamaha

10.Expand AJAX.

A. Asynchronus Javascript And XML

11.Identify this OS


A. Windows 8

12.Who says "Speed 1 Terahertz, Memory 1 Zettabyte" ?

A. Chitti (in the movie Endhiran :) )

13.Which company is the official Watch sponsor of London Olympics 2012 ?

A. Omega

14.Expand VoIP

A. Voice Over Internet Protocol

15.Identify : "Like Lift without L".

A. iFttt

16.This Company partnered with Boeing for reducing the sound it produces ?


17.Who owns Centipede Origin?

A. Atari

18.Social Networking Site for Professionals ?

A. LinkedIN

19.Now its a Google Domain , but it was before owned by Garfield Comic Strip.Which is the Domain ?


20.What does "CE" signifies ?

A. European Conformity

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