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Friday, 24 January 2014 12:22

Rural IT Quiz 2013 Round 1 Questions

National Rural IT Quiz 2013 Round 1 was conducted in schools and colleges all over Karnataka on September 2013.
1. What was created by Dr. August Dvorak to replace the QWERTY version?
a. Keyboard b. Touch Screen c. Scanner
2. Which of the following is commonly called the IC?
a. Ink Case b. Image Controller c. Integrated Circuit
A. Integrated Circuit
3. The headphones used in computer are an example of what type of device?
a. Input b. Output c. Storage
A. Output
4. Which of these is not from Apple?
a. ipod b. Windows c. Iphone
A. Windows
5. Find the odd one in the following three
a. Tablet b. Phone c. Printer
A. Printer

6. What is the full form of .png?
a. Portable Network Graphics b. Phone Note Graphics c. Picture Network Graphics
A. Portable Network Graphics
7. Which Indian actress endorses the Sony digital cameras?
a. Kareena Kapoor b. Priyanka Chopra c. Deepika Padukone
A. Deepika Padukone
8. Which of these is not an operating system?
a. MS office b. Opera c. Windows 8
A. MS Office
9. What is the full form of Wi-Fi?
a. Wireless Firewall b. Wireless Fidelity c. Wireless Finder
A. Wireless Fidelity
10. Which of these is not from Google?
a. Bing b. Picasa c. Android
A. Bing
11., and help in online booking of what?
a. Movie Tickets b. Air Tickets c. Cricket match tickets
A. Air Tickets

12. Which one of these is a predictive text technology used in mobile phones?
a. T8 b. T9 c. T10
A. T9
13. If .in is the internet country code for India, for which country is .sg used for?
a. Sweden b. Singapore c. Switzerland
A. Singapore
14. What is the character limit for a tweet that you can post on
a. 140 characters b. 120 characters c. 99 charactersA
A. 140 Characters
15. Which company now owns Skype?
a. Microsoft b. Apple c. Motorola
A. Microsoft
16. In I.T. terminology what does USB stand for?
A. Universal Serial Bus
17. What is the full form of NIC from the Govt. of India?
A.National Informatics Center
18. Founded by Gordon Moore they are the largest chip makers in the world. Which company is this?
A. Intel
19. The Flyte Digital Music Store was closed by which online e-commerce player in 2013?
A. Flipkart
20. Which DTH player offers you Active Channels like Vedic Maths, Fun Learn and Games?
A. Tata Sky

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