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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 11:56

Rural IT Quiz 2012 District Level Questions

TCS Rural IT Quiz 2012 District Level Quiz was conducted in all the districts of Karnataka on 7th September,2012.I thank "Kaushik S Kalmady" from St.Mary's English School, Kannarpady, Udupi for Sharing the Questions with us.

1. Which of these is an e-book reader from amazon ?

A. Kindle

2. What is the full form of Wi-Fi ?

A. Wireless Fidelity

3. What kind of a device is a “Touchscreen” you find in the ATM ?

A. Both Input and Output

4. Which social networking site was started by Mark Zuckerberg?


5.What is the full form of OTP in OTP memory ?

A.One Time Programmable memory

6. What is 1024 Terabyte equal to ?

A. 1 Petabyte

7. Android is an Operating system based on what ?

A. Linux

8.Which of these is a predictive text technology used in mobile phones ?

A. T9

9. Which Taiwan based Company derives its name from ‘Pegasus’ a mythological Horse ?

A. Asus

10. What kind of Files are saved in .avi format ?

A. Audio/Video

11. Which company purchased Paypal in 2002 ?

A. E bay

12. Who is the founder and editor in chief of Wikileaks ?

A. Julian Assange

13.If .in is the internet domain for India , For which country is .au for ?

A. Australia

14. Which manufacturer of tablets, smartphones and mobile phones has the tagline ‘Quietly Brilliant’?


15. Salman Khan is the brand ambassador for which online travel agency ?


16 . In IT terminology What does USB stand for ?

A. Universal Serial Bus

17. Which legendary tech personality is the author of the book “ The Road Ahead” ?

A. Bill Gates

18. What is the character limit for a tweet in ?

A. 140

19. Who invented the computer mouse ?

A. Douglas Engelbart

20. Who replaced Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple?

A. Tim Cook


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