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Rural IT Quiz 2013 National Finals conducted by Tata Consultancy Services and the IT department of Karnataka, at Jnana Jyothi Audutorium, Bangalore. Quizmaster Giri Pickbrain conducted this National Finals. I thank Sandeep Rao and Kaushik for sharing questions with us.





National Finals Part 1:

TCS IT Wiz 2013 Mega Finals was conducted in Taj Lands End, Mumbai on 15th December,2013. Quizmaster Giri Pickbrain conducted two semi finals followed by Mega Finals.







Mega Finals Video :


National Rural IT Quiz 2013 Round 1 was conducted in schools and colleges all over Karnataka on September 2013.
1. What was created by Dr. August Dvorak to replace the QWERTY version?
a. Keyboard b. Touch Screen c. Scanner
2. Which of the following is commonly called the IC?
a. Ink Case b. Image Controller c. Integrated Circuit
A. Integrated Circuit
3. The headphones used in computer are an example of what type of device?
a. Input b. Output c. Storage
A. Output
4. Which of these is not from Apple?
a. ipod b. Windows c. Iphone
A. Windows
5. Find the odd one in the following three
a. Tablet b. Phone c. Printer
A. Printer

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