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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 23:20

TCS TechBytes 2012 Round 1 Questions

1.Which nation gets its top level domain from the words Confederation Helvetica?


2.Its name was homonymous with “pal” in Japanese. What from Sony?


3.Invented by John Backus for IBM, in 1954. It began as a digital code interpreter for the IBM 701 and was originally named Speedcoding. Identify the language.


4.The company's name was chosen in homage to the Library of Alexandria, drawing a parallel between the largest repository of knowledge in the ancient world to the potential of the Internet. What?


5.What is the term used for a twitterer with a million or more followers?  
A.A twillionaire

6.In 2G and 3G what does G stand for?


7.What is the full form of QR Code?

A.Quick Response Code

8.This company is the largest mobile operator in Russia with over a hundred million subscribers. In 2009, they entered the Indian telecom market and are in the news now. Who?


9.Which IT face was the Time man of the year 2010?

A.Mark Zuckerberg

10.Playbook is from which company?


11.Colin Needham was one of the four founding partners of this in 1990. It was acquired by in 1998. What?

A.Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

12.Who in India has introduced a new projector phone called PopCorn?


13.Which group now owns Satyam?


14.E-serve is part of which Indian IT giant?


15.Which portal was the official partner of the ICC World Cup 2011?


16.What is the full form of SVG in graphics?

A.Scalable Vector Graphic

17.OHA is an alliance between 80 companies in the mobile space. What is OHA?

A.Open Handset Alliance

18.This term refers to proprietary software provided free to users for a defined time period often as trial.

A.Shareware or Trialware

19.What is the full form of WPAN in networks?

A.Wireless Personal Area Network

20.Which award is widely considered to be the Nobel Prize of computing?

A.Turing Award


  • Comment Link Basheer Wednesday, 16 May 2012 19:47 posted by Basheer

    Keep posting!!..Really Helpful for 2013..Easy set of questions..I think these are the questions from Hubli..

    Try to make similar set of questions..

    You will definitely going get lot of traffic..

  • Comment Link Vittal Pai Wednesday, 16 May 2012 21:29 posted by Vittal Pai

    @Basheer Sure man :)

    @everybody Basheer is the winner of gulbarga regionals :)

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