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National Rural IT Quiz 2014 Round 1 Questions

Saturday, 11 October 2014 09:45 Published in IT Quiz

National Rural IT Quiz 2014 Round 1 was conducted in schools and colleges all over India in the month of August and Septmeber 2014.

1. In November 2013, which word was announced as being the "word of the year" by the
Oxford English Dictionary? (a.Selfie b. Tweet c. Doodle)
A. Selfie

2. What is a unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies each computer using the web to communicate over a network?(a. USL code b. IP address c.URL address)
A. IP Address

3. Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Explorer are all types of what?(a. Anti Virus b. Search Engines c. Web Browsers)
A. Web Browsers

4. If one presses ‘Ctrl+Z’, what is it a shortcut for?(a. Copy b. Undo c. Paste)
A. Undo

5. How many ‘Enter’ Keys are there on a standard computer keyboard?(a. 1 b. 2 c. 3)
A. 2

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