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Gmail is a popular and most powerful web based email client which is used for receiving and sending emails. If you are looking for a tool with which you can access all your emails stored in Gmail without using browser or internet connection then here is a tool which takes the backup of your emails stored in Gmail which can be read even if you are offline.

If you are staying in a big family, then you would have definitely faced this problem. You want to listen to music or watch a movie on your PC / laptop. But you also want that nobody in your family should be disturbed. What do you do then?.I have purchased a Wireless Headphone. But it is costly.I have found another way that can be a cheaper option, if you already have iPhone or iPod Touch. That is AudioInWiFi wireless headphone for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Digital camera technology makes it easy to erase photos whenever you need. Unfortunately, it can also mean accidentally deleting images you want to keep or transfer. Some cameras can occasionally get confused and reset the card to show 'no images', even though the files are still there.If you act quickly,it is possible to recover lost photographs from most digital memory cards.

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