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Want to create photo collage or mosaic photos using an free softwares that can creates beautiful images of any size you wish??.. The picture collage can later be printed in large size and can be used as a poster in office or room wall. You can also share your digital photo collages on blogs, websites and more…here is a list of tools which will definitely helps you alot..


Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7? Well, it’s going to take you years if you were to download dozens of essential software like Firefox, Windows Live Messenger and WinRAR to your fresh Windows build.Ninite is a tool which can be Dubbed as “the easiest way to get apps”

I covered XWindows Dock few days back, and i would like to introduce another portable application which performs similar task. It is called RunMe. The application was being published quite some time ago, but i just discovered it today, and i decide to write about it, since it is really worth us to have a look.

How to check stored passwords in browsers Featured

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Google Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer are most popular web browsers that allows user to save the username and password of visited websites in its built-in password manager. Most of the time you forgot to remember or recall username and passwords.Below is the list of 3 password recovery tools for Google Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer.

How do you extract images from your pdf files? One of the most conventional way to extract images from pdf files is pressing the print screen button, open your image editor and paste the copied screen shot.

Do you know that you can actually use software application to easily extract images from pdf files? I am going to share a tool called PDF Image Extraction Wizard, which is a step-by-step wizard tool to extract images from pdf files.

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