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Orkut Launched Private Scraps

Thursday, 10 June 2010 22:06 Published in Internet Be the first to comment!
Facebook was recently in a big mess over privacy and Orkut is probably trying to gain some user love there.

Today, Orkut has launched private scraps feature enabling users to send scrap just to their friend(s) – the scrap being invisible to the outside world.

Good new for all Big B fans.Today Amithab Bachchan joined Social networking site twitter.This is confirmed by his son abhishek bachchan (@juniorbachchan).His first tweet is an reply to his son that " hey baby !! I made it on twitter !!! Yeeaaaaaahhhh !!".Meanwhile twitter is becoming famous in india day by day by getting more celebrities like Akshay Kumar,Abhishek,SRK,Sachin and Now Amithab!..


After dominating the batting field, Sachin Tendulkar, the highest run maker in ODI and Test cricket has joined another field to be victorious on the hearts of his fans. That’s one is the Twitter field which is an online social platform. Twitter is finally joined by the star batsman Sachin Tendulkar and has made himself available to all his internet fans. He can be accessed on his handle @sachin_rt on Twitter.


Use Facebook through SMS in Mobile

Sunday, 03 January 2010 21:12 Published in Internet 1 comment

Don’t hav net connection?.still you wann to update your facebook status?.Affcourse!,you can by sending an sms though mobile where the sms rates were normal!. you can update status, send message, add friends and many more on facebook using your mobile phone text messaging service.Here is a step by step might be useful who travel  alot.


RSS Icons for your Blogs

Tuesday, 15 December 2009 22:24 Published in Internet Be the first to comment!
Are you searching for RSS logos for your blogs or websites?.Attracting RSS logos were essential in order to attract your visitors.Here is a collection of cool RSS logos which helps to gain more subscribers for your RSS feeds.

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